About Profound Ideation Inc.

About Profound Ideation inc.

Composed of two compound words, “Profound Ideation” is by Definition: “Profound” is an adjective used to describe the penetrating understanding of depth, going far beneath what is superficial, external, or obvious to the discernment of what is difficult to understand, specifically with regards to subjects of thought or knowledge; while “Ideation” encompasses the creative process of the generation, development, and communication of new ideas, where an idea is understood as an foundational element of thought, which form may be either conceptual, visual, concrete, virtual, abstract or otherwise.

Profound Ideation denotes the process of creating new ideas via complex idea generation, involving all stages of a typical thought cycle — from innovation, to development, to actualization and implementation. As such, Profound Ideation is an essential part of the Design, Research & Development process, both in Business, Technology & Beyond.

About About Profound Ideation Inc.

About Profound Ideation inc.

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