Introducing Pre Paid Services

Introducing Pre-Paid Services

Welcome to 2015 & Beyond!

This year, we wish to introduce our Pre Payment / Pre Paid Services. Due to the nature of our business, we are now prepaid only and require full payment in advance, before starting work on any and all projects, as this allows us to speed up our workflow and focus on providing better service while reducing late, missing, ghost or non payments plus any additional administrative costs.

Profound Ideation PrePay for Services

Small Projects

For Project under $1,000*, we require full payment in advance, before starting work on any and all projects.

Overseas Projects

For all global Projects under $2,000*, we require full payment in advance, before starting work on any and all projects.

Larger projects

For Projects over $3,000*, but under $8,000*, we’ll usually ask for 50% in advance.
If over $8,001, arrangements may be made for as little as ~40% in advance.

Large Projects

Over $10,000*, we’ll usually ask for 35% – 50% in advance.

Mega Projects

Contact us for details

Payment Options:

If you like, you may pay via Paypal, however there will be a 5% fee.*
For Bitcoin(s), there will be a 1% Fee to cover transaction and processing fees incurred.

Other Virtual Alt Currency(s)
Depending on the altcoin / cryptocurrency , there may be a 1% – 3% Fee to cover transaction and processing charges.

*$ Dollar Value before taxes, if applicable

For Example:

Here is a quick example summary of cost:

1.) Location: Ontario, Canada

If the project’s total Estimated cost is $270 dollars;
And you / your company / project location is in Ontario, Canada, we will add HST (Provincial Taxes) [Currently 13%] to the total cost;
If you opt to pay via PayPal, there will be an additional 5% PayPal Fee ** (if paying via PayPal).

It would look something like this:

$270 CDN + HST + our Paypal Fee
= ($270 CDN + 13%) + 5%
= ($305.10) + 5%
= $305.10 + $15.259
= $320.35

2.) Location: USA or other parts of the world

$270 USD + our Paypal Fee
= $270 USD + 5%
= $270 USD + $13.5 USD
= $383.50 USD

3.) Bitcoin: Add 1% [contact us for details]

4.) AltCoins: Add 1% – 3% [contact us for details]

The Avg. Estimated Time is Currently 5 Business Days

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